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    Scala version sbt In absence of that, you might be able to use various versions of that library, assuming that these different versions have been built with different versions of Scala. Select the directory containing your project as root directory, select the project and hit Finish. On the one hand this is great, as it is not hard for us to reproduce a failure. But this tutorial might differ for IntelliJ 13. Now whatever I do, it persistently tries to find them built against 2. It bundles its own launcher, its own sbt properties, and its own runner. This lets you run single-file Scala version sbt programs in your browser using Scala. Hows that for a painless upgrade? First we need to add JDK as a SDK to IntelliJ at global IDE level. Without it, nothing will be changed at all. Update: Bite my tongue - it looks like ivy home is already configurable in 0. To be extra clear: Play 2. I have project which range from sbt 0. Step 7: Look at the dependencies below in the Open Module Settings under src folder. We use BeanInfo annotation and it lives in scala. So, if you want to work with a project using different version of Scala like 2. If you search foryou will see many different versions of the specs library. Was this release part executed before inquireVersions? Does this make sense to you,? One of the nice things SBT provides is a way to run triggered actions. SO, if ivy is seeing the ivy. I could use the same trick in Casbah! Required by the sbt-release plugin so that it can increment the version appropriately during the release process. Scala version sbt Eclipse expects this convention to be followed when it looks for classes. Both have plug-ins that can generate Eclipse project files out of the sbt project definition. It means Ivy has to fail to detect that sbt itself depends on scala. So if this solution is acceptable, we could start with parameterizing the. Update: Bite my tongue - it looks like ivy home is already configurable in 0. That forced sbt to re-find A with the correct ivy. Cheers, Christian What version of the sbt launcher do you have?

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